Frunut is a Chilean company specialising in the production and export of walnuts. The company currently cultivates around 1,400 hectares of walnuts in the different producing regions of Chile, from Illapel to Los Angeles.

Nogam and Frunut, two production companies with similar business values, have decided to integrate their harvests in both hemispheres to provide the market with a unique and innovative nut offering. The project involves the integration of the orchards, processing, technical management and human resources of the companies in the two countries. This agreement benefits the market and the consumer by guaranteeing two annual harvests, which translates into fresh walnuts throughout the year. Talk to us and also guarantee the freshest nuts for your business area.

Fresh walnuts and almonds all year round


Harvests per year

+2.100 hectares

In both hemispheres

“Nogam incorporated the industrial processing of the agricultural production of walnuts
and almonds in Portugal, creating innovative products with higher
added value with export potential to the most demanding European markets.”


Walnut inshell

Varieties: Chandler, Howard, Tulare, Trompito, Serr

Size: from 28 a 36+ mm

Packaging: Polypropylene bags of 10 and 25 kg Other formats on request

Shelf life: 12 months under recommended storage conditions

Harvest Period: March/April (Chile) and October/November (Portugal)


Walnut kernels

Description: from 20% to 80% halves

Colour: Extra light, Light, Light Ambar

Size: halves, quarters, pieces and mix

Packing: 5 kg polypropylene bags in 10 kg boxes. Other formats on request

Shelf Life: 12 months under recommended storage conditions

Harvest Period: March/April (Chile) and October/November (Portugal)


Almonds inshell

Varieties: Penta, Lauranne, Belona, Marta, Soleta e Guara

Packing: Polypropylene bags of 10 and 25 kg. Other formats on request

Shelf life: 12 months under recommended storage conditions

Harvest Period: August/September

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